Acer campestre Elegant



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Acer campestre Elegant is a perfectly compact and vigorous clone of Field Maple that was introduced from the Netherlands in 1990. As with all Field Maple cultivars, this tree has small, bright green, lobed leaves that appear in the spring time. In autumn the foliage turns a range of colours, mainly oranges, yellows and browns, before falling.

The uniqueness of Acer campestre Elegant, as the name suggests, comes from the compact and elegant ascending structure of the branches which it retains into maturity. It is extremely tough, thriving in rich, well drained soils.

The Elegant Field Maple variety is the perfect choice for avenues where uniformity and great shape are essential.  It is also a good choice for rural gardens where the space demands a compact shape and the surroundings prefer a native feel.

Mature height: 7-12m

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16-18cm girth