Carpinus betulus / Hornbeam – Standard Trees



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The Hornbeam is a lovely shaped, simple tree that, like the Beech, holds onto some of its leaves after they have died, giving it cover throughout the year. It is, unlike the similar Beech, unfussy to its location and soil and is faster growing. It’s catkins open in Spring and has hop like fruit in late Summer through to Autumn.

These trees come in Standard form, which will have a clear trunk of 1.8m.

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16-18cm girth Standard, 8-10cm girth Standard, 12-14cm girth, Standard, Rootballed, 14-16cm girth, Standard, Rootballed, 16-18cm girth, Standard, Rootballed, 18-20cm girth, Standard, Rootballed, 20-25cm girth, Standard, Rootballed