Chaenomeles japonica Sargentii




Chaenomeles Japonica Sargentii (Japanese Quince Sargentii) is a lovely, low-maintenance flowering shrub. A deciduous cultivar, this Japanese quince variety offers interest for the better part of the year. As an undemanding and highly decorative quince, this plant is a welcome addition to any garden. In spring, it produces masses of stunning salmon pink to orange coloured flowers, with blossoms that are five-petalled and 3 to 4 cm across. In addition to being ornamental, the flowers attract beneficial pollinators to the garden. Starting from September and October, the flowers are replaced by small golden, yellow rounded fruits known as quince. Quince fruits have a distinct pleasant fragrance and can be used for cooking jams and jellies. If left on the shrub over the winter, the golden fruits make a tasty treat for birds.

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