Chamaerops excelsa / Trachycarpus fortunei



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Trachycarpus fortunei has proved to be an exceptionally hardy and tolerant palm. It will grow pretty well anywhere but to keep it looking in tip-top condition try to plant the Chusan palm in a moist but well-drained soil in good sun or part shade and, most importantly, out of the wind. When happy it will grow 30cm or more of trunk in a season. Branched heads of flowers are produced in early summer, adding to the exotic effect.

Please note sizes are shown as the trunk size and all have the palmed foliage above that so actual size in considerably larger.

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100-125cm trunk, 10L, 10L 60-80cm, 230L 150-200cm Tall, Multi-trunk 120-140cm, 280L 350-400cm Tall, trunk 200-250cm tall, 35L 125-150cm total height, trunk of 40-50cm tall, 12L 10-15cm trunk, 70-80cm total height, 12L 80-100cm, 15L, Single stem, trunk 20cm, Height 100-125cm, 180-200cm trunk, 180L, 200-225cm trunk, 230L, single stem trunk of 180-200cm tall, 235L 200-220cm trunk, 30L, 30-40cm trunk, 30L, 40-50cm trunk, 30L, 50-60cm trunk, 350L 250-300cm Multistem, 35L, single stem 50-60cm trunk, 190-210cm height, 45L Multistem, 150-175cm trunk, 45L, 30-40cm trunk, 150-175cm total height, 70L Trunk of 45-50cm, 175-200cm total height, 90L trunk of 80-100cm, 200-220 total height, Multistem 20L, trunk 20cm total height 100-125cm