Corten Steel Halo – New Product




With its warm, soft looks, the  Halo is a timeless outdoor kitchen. The wood-fired  ring is specially designed to distribute heat steadily over the entire surface. This makes the ring perfect for preparing your favourite dishes.

The ring slopes inward so excess oil and liquid will not drip down from the grill plate. The ring can be cleaned simply by oiling it and scraping off residue with a spatula. Apply a final coat of oil to the grill plate before storing to prevent rust. Now the grill is ready to be used again. So easy to maintain!

The Halo is made even more versatile with the addition of our grill set with flush grill. The flush grill can be positioned on different levels: flush with the ring or above it. This allows you to easily create different cooking temperatures so you can make a variety of delicious dishes!


5-year guarantee.

The Halo  comes pre-weathered with a natural layer of rust.

Cooking Ring diameter: 1005 mm.

Our Halo has a large cooking surface so you can create multiple heat zones. This offers a range of temperatures on the grill, allowing you to easily cook a variety of items at once.

Flush grill diameter: 500 mm.

The grill plate is made of 10-mm thick S235 steel.

The grill will reach a cooking temperature of 275-300°C about 25–30 minutes after the fire is lit.

Space for storing wood.

Grill set not included. The grill set provides adjustable working heights to control the cooking temperature. The grill set also acts as a food bumper, preventing food from sliding into the fire.

Finished with bamboo elements. Bamboo naturally shrinks and swells very little.