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Escallonia Macrantha grows to a height of 3 metres and a width of 2-3 metres. This variety has an upright growth habit and is one of the biggest of all the Escallonias. Exceptionally fast growing, it is a great hedging or screening plant.

It can easily be maintained as a much smaller hedge plant with regular pruning and is often kept at a compact size of only 1 to 2 metres. Pruning should take place in the early spring with an additional light trim June – July to maintain the desired height/shape.
From June to October, Escallonia Macrantha produces an abundance of bright pink or red tubular flowers that attract butterflies and bees to the garden. The flowers persist on the shrub until the Autumn and in some cases into Winter.
The foliage of the Escallonia  Macrantha is bright mint green. with a pleasing spicy aroma that is often more noticeable int he evening.

A great choice for coastal locations as it  can even withstand heavy, frequent salt spray. An Escallonia Macrantha Hedge stands up well to heavy winds without breaking which makes it an ideal windbreak choice but doesn’t do well in a full shade position

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