Euonymus jap. Bravo Panel



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Dense, bushy, rounded shrub with evergreen foliage medium green margined with cream white. Flowering in late spring is followed by pink fruits opening to bright orange in autumn.

Solid, easy plant, withstanding pollution and coastal locations, widely used in towns or seaside plantings for these reasons, ideal in low or medium-sized hedges, to be trimmed twice a year (end of June and beginning of October).

These panels are 35L 120cm x 70cm.

Ground or low level screens, like these,  provide cover on terraces and small outdoor areas such as a courtyard or balcony. They may or may not be movable. They provide you with privacy, protection from wind or are arranged to discreetly hide disturbing elements or to decorate a wall with the green of nature.

This 100% natural solution can be tailored to suit your needs and can also be used to replace a hedge or just create an attractive screen.

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