Liquidambar styraciflua Standard Espalier



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This item: Liquidambar styraciflua Standard Espalier - 35L 10-12cm girth, Std 120 x 120 frame (Pot Size: 35l-10-12cm-girth-std-120-x-120-frame-2) £390.00
Liquid Root Booster - 500ml (Size: 500ml) £12.50
Posts & Straps - Double Post & Crossbar (Size: double-post-crossbar) £15.50
Total for selected item(s) £418.00


This large, deciduous trees autumn colour is second to none, ranging from fiery red, orange and yellow through to sumptuous purple.
Inconspicuous male and female inflorescences are borne on the same tree in spring and are followed by globed fruits made up of many spiked seed capsules.

These are beautiful specimens, Full Standard Trees with a 6ft (180cm) clear stem.

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