Photinia Little Red Robin Pom Pom



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This superb new Photinia is a dwarf form of Photinia Red Robin with all features in perfect proportion to the larger plant but the colourful young foliage possibly even more spectacular. Slower growing so makes a spectacular low hedge or small shrub. As Photinia Red Robin it will need protection from severe cold during its first winter

With its parrot-red, glossy young foliage, and large, rounded heads of ivory flowers, this dwarf variety of the versatile evergreen shrub is great for smaller gardens. It colours up best in full sun, and will usually only flower in sunny conditions, although it makes a handsome evergreen shrub in partial shade, too. It can cope with hard pruning, so can be trimmed to form an informal hedge or clipped into a more defined shaped.

These Pom Pom shaped forms have been clipped to shape over a number of years and make a great architectural feature in the garden. The foliage keeps its shape extremely well and as such makes them ideal to be cut in this shape.


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