Prunus avium Plena



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Prunus avium Plena is a variety of our native Wild Cherry, with the main difference being that this variety produces double white flowers, rather than the single white flowers of the normal Prunus avium. The flowering time is late April/May, where the tree becomes a mass of white. It is a sterile variety, so it does not produce fruit at the end of the season. It does however put on a wonderful autumn display of oranges and yellows, as the leaves change before falling for the winter. A medium to large-sized tree, growing to about 8-10cm in height. It grows best in calcareous, fertile sandy soils.

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12-14cm girth, Rootballed, 14-16cm girth, Rootballed, 16-18cm girth, Rootballed, 18-20cm girth, Rootballed, 20-25cm girth, Rootballed, 25-30cm girth, Rootballed