Prunus serrula



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Prunus serrula, also known as Tibetan Cherry or Birch Bark Cherry, is a medium-sized deciduous tree best known for its ornamental red-brown bark. The bark peels regularly in bands as the tree matures, exposing a shiny new layer of mahogany brown beneath, which almost glistens as the light hits it throughout the year. For this reason it is best planted in a full sun position, and as a focal point in the garden where it can be noticed and admired from every angle. The leaves are elongated and narrow compared to some other Prunus varieties, and turn a bright yellow colour in the autumn. Small white flowers can be seen in spring, although not as prolific as other typical Cherry Blossoms. The main attraction with this variety is indeed the bark, which holds interest through the winter and spring months when the leaves have fallen and the bark is most exposed.

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