Topbuxus Health Mix




Topbuxus Health Mix was developed by Europe’s largest Box grower. Based on a ‘tonic’ already being used to increase the health of the growing plants, essential elements were added and the results were delightfully effective!

Not only does Topbuxus Health Mix rapidly green up your Box but it strengthens the plants at the same time and increases their natural resistance to diseases such as Box Blight.

The nitrogen will stimulate growth, whilst the magnesium and sulphur will enable the plant to take up micronutrients, keeping the leaf green and healthy. The copper will have the effect of hardening the cell structure of the leaves and stems. This will make the plant much more impervious to the ingression of fungal spores.  It will not only look much better, but it will be more robust and able to defend itself.

One tablet is sufficient for a single application of 10m2 (4-5 applications per year are recommended).

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