Trachelospermum asiaticum Pink Showers




Trachelospermum asiaticum Pink Showers, also known as Pink Star Jasmine, is a new pink variety of Star Jasmine. Pink showers has the same great looking deep green glossy foliage, and through the summer months a succession of soft pink star shaped flowers appear in small clusters. The flowers have a beautiful honey like scent, perfect for patios and seating areas, anywhere where the perfume can be enjoyed.

Pink star Jasmine is a climbing plant that needs the support of a trellis or fence, which will become clothed in the evergreen foliage making the perfect foil for the flowers. Use them in containers where they may be trained up supports to give height and all year evergreen structure, or simply let the plants trail and spill over. This is also a very good evergreen ground cover plant for a sunny spot and makes a very beautiful distraction from unsightly areas if strategically planted to cover them.

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