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It’s hedging season and the volume of rootballed and bare-root hedging going out of the nursery is both incredible and a delight to see. We supply a large range of hedging varieties and maturities to cater for all needs from rural options to city gardens and everything in between, with hedging offering a practical and sustainable solution for creating privacy, defining boundaries or even enhancing the beauty of our outdoor spaces. We grow almost all of our hedging plants on our production nursery in Caragh so we can be assured of the quality and adaptability of the hedging plants quality and to ensure that we always have the quantity we require, when you need them. With 30+years of experience we know what you seek for the perfect hedge for your gardens, however we are often questioned over the difference between our home grown options and the, sometimes cheaper, more intensely farmed options from mainland Europe (and beyond). So we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you, when it comes to rootballed hedging why there are compelling reasons to choose these usually bushier, most definitely hardier options that come from our rich fertile soil and have been grown in our wet and often windy climate.


One of the advantages of our home grown rootballed hedging from our 55 acres, is the expertise of us as growers and horticulturists who understand our product from a seed through to the mature specimen and our unique rain fed climate, soil conditions, and environmental factors that our hedging grows in. We have honed our techniques over 2 generations, cultivating hedges that are specifically adapted to thrive in our cool to wet winters and warm and getting warmer summers but that still have more rain than we would like with moderate variation in temperature throughout the year.

That ensures our rootballed  hedges are acclimatised to the temperature fluctuations, rainfall patterns, and seasonal changes of the climate in the UK ensuring better resilience and long-term health. In contrast, warmer climate imports are grown faster, taller but not necessarily bushier, they take less time than we could grown them in and aren’t cut back as often so that the plants bush from the base.  They may struggle to adjust to the local climate, leading to increased stress, susceptibility to pests and diseases, and reduced vitality.

This is especially true of some of our more mature and instant hedging options, the kind of things that we are well known for and that you wouldn’t find in your local garden centre.  Our larger and more instant hedging is ideal for screening and privacy and is available in lots of our evergreen hedging varieties including the Laurel, Portuguese laurel, Thuja varieties, Yew, Privet, Holly,  Griselinia as well as some of the deciduous varieties too like Beech and Hornbeam.   Talk to us about your new instant hedge and how to get the desired result from the hedging options.

At Caragh Nurseries we are also accessible hubs of expertise and advice, our specialised team can offer personalised recommendations, gardening tips and advice, as we have a shared passion for horticulture, enriching the gardening experience for all our customers from novice green thumbs to experienced avid gardener.

Quality Assurance and Traceability

When you choose nursery grown rootballed hedging from us, you benefit from the stringent quality control measures and traceability that we ensure throughout our production process. As a production nursery we adhere to rigorous standards to ensure that our hedges meet high-quality benchmarks from propagation to planting.

With this in mind you can have confidence in the origin and quality of your new hedging, knowing that you can trace the journey of your hedges from seedling to maturity and the benefits of supporting a family businesses who strive for sustainable horticultural practices.

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