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Our Gift to you on all orders delivered throughout England and over £100 we will gift you free delivery! 
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Buying Specimen Trees Online

Caragh Nurseries are specialists in Mature and Specimen Trees and Plants and grow many of our stock on the nursery both in open ground and in containers. Our Specimen and Mature trees are available online, if you don’t see what you are looking for do contact us, we are always here to help.  We also […]
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Where Great Gardens Begin

At Caragh Nurseries, we’ve always a fantastic stock of trees, plants, hedging and shrubs that we produce over our 55 acres in Kildare.  We have a huge range of wonderfully large trees, specimens, plants & shrubs  along with our legendary pot and furniture collections that are ready for delivery from us to you, throughout England, by our fully trained team. We are always happy to offer help or advice.


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Pleached and Espaliered Trees for Screening and Privacy.

Screening trees are invaluable as they can create a higher screen that is taller than a hedge and wall and creates privacy or screening a new house or extension too. A wall or fence cannot be any higher than 2metres tall where there is no maximum height of a tree and if you pick the right tree you aren’t going to have a problem with light and sun for your home or garden or your neighbours either.

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Pots and Planters

I am delighted to be building our pots collection creating beautiful designs with some help from you guys, I do love running the designs by you first and gauging your response to these and thank you to you all for your feedback and opinions, it means a lot and its how we came about the next few collections too.

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Reducing waste in the garden.

As the weather turns and short, wet and cooler days close in on us, we also need to be mindful and ensure we don’t fall into a winter lull of sorts. I also wanted to share with you my thoughts on this Cyber Monday, about circular economy and not spending (as much) money.

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Thuja smaragd RB's 200cm - 225cm
With 30+years of experience we know what you seek for the perfect hedge for your gardens, however we are often questioned over the difference between our home grown  options and the, sometimes, cheaper, more intensely farmed options
Our Gift to you on all orders delivered throughout England and over £100 we will gift you free delivery! 


Our Gift to you

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