Chamaerops Excelsa / Trachycarpus fortunei wagnerianus



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The fronds on this slower growing tree are stiff and tidy and have none of the drooping filaments on the branch tips that the species T. fortunei possesses.

Will grow to 3-4metres tall in 7 years. A very clean and tidy looking palm with a distinct asian look. The fronds are even finely outlined in white hairs more definition for this stately plant. Grows about 30-40cm  a year if well watered.  Same wooly trunk as the usual species recommended for windy cold areas as they are not affected by those conditions. Fantastic cold hardiness not suffering damage this is a great palm for colder gardens and tolerates quite a bit of shade. Always looks it’s clean best.

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20-30cm stem with a total height of 90-110cm tall