Our Nursery Team

The whole team at Caragh Nurseries are passionate about growing trees and plants and like nothing better than assisting you find the right trees, plants and hedging for your garden.


Jo heads up the team that answer your emails, telephone calls and giving you all the information and advice needed with your gardens and designs. Planning and designing new stock items as well as being the cdreative direction of our in-house Outdoor furniture brand, Finn&Elder.  Rarely getting the opportunity to get her hands dirty these days but still has the love and passion for gardens that she hopes to pass on to their next generation.


Ian’s love of all things trees and gardens is evident immediately and his passion but practicality when it comes to designing gardens is what sets him apart. A graduate of Warrenstown Horticultural College and a wealth of invaluable experience when it comes to growing, designing and planting. As the team grows, Ian’s knowledge of Producing Quality Plants on the nursery is being shared and passed on.

Angela McNulty Administration Manager

Angela ensures that everything on the nursery runs smoothly, managing the team of customer service and despatch coordinators and generally making sure that you have all the information that you need before, during and after your purchases.   Her organisational skills make all the cogs turn, as and when they should.  We understand that it isn’t always easy buying trees and plants without seeing them first but Angela and the team around her do everything possible to make sure that you get what you want. 

Borja Jerez Marin Despatch Manager

Every tree, plant, edging shrub and pot that is ordered is picked and checked by Borja and his team and each truck or van is loaded to ensure that the plants arrive in the best possible condition to you.  Borja trained in horticulture in Spain and during his university degree carried out his placement year with Caragh Nurseries before returning to his home country to graduate. He returned once he secured his degree and has been with us here ever since, working his way up to his current role.  

Sean Murray Field Production Manager

Sean runs our field production nursery. Everything from planting and pruning to staking then lifting again is done by Sean and his team. During Rootballed season, from November to March is Sean’s busiest time, lifting bare-root and rootballed trees and hedging from our 50+ acres of fields, currently under full time production.  Sowing of new crops is carried out in September and then again in March, always making sure we have the right stocks for future years and the nursery keeps growing. 

Holly Clarke Containerised Production Manager

Holly looks after all our containerised crops which includes the trees, hedging and potted stocks throughout the nursery.  Her year starts with potting up our newly produced plants and shrubs and ends with potting up of the trees lifted from our fields to enable trees to be sold in containers all year round.  This is no small feat as some of the more popular plants would be produced in multiples of  thousands and each one has to minded and looked after to ensure that what you order on our website or over the phone is in tip-top condition.  

Ella McGarry Sales & Marketing Director, Finn & Elder

Ella has been around the family business for as far back as she remembers, the oldest of the four, next generation McGarry’s.  When she completed her degree in Business & Economics in Trinity and then studied an MA in Fashion Marketing in London, her experience was invaluable as the business grew.  She is currently expanding the Outdoor furniture brand into the UK and Europe and has been instrumental  in the expansion of Caragh Nurseries in England too. 

Derek O'Connor Trade Sales Manager

Derek is responsible for all trade clients, landscapers and nurseries ensuring that, like everything with an Online only business, the client knows exactly what stock we have and that they understand how it will look, when they receive it.  Our team of trained horticultural experts that work with Derek; Inge, Jenny, and Roisin are always happy to assist with sending you any images or information that you need to make the right choice, for trade or for our many retail customers.   



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