Olive Tree / Olea Europaea 50-60cm girth Mature/Gnarled Trunk



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The Olive Tree is a hugely popular tree here but we still think of it as a Mediterranean tree which gives it a slightly exotic feel and with its stunning silver grey foliage and gnarled bark on its older specimens it creates real focal points in our usual darker green gardens.  These beautiful trees come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, some are single stemmed with nice loose heads and some have more clipped forms with multiple stems others and large mature specimens with trunks that you would struggle to get your arms around with the quirkiest of foliage, this is why we have decided to show each tree individually so that you can see each tree

These specimens are approx 175-200cm in height, and have mature trunks measuring 50-60cm in girth, with very characteristic gnarled bark. Ideal for large pots or planting into the ground or raised beds, they can make the perfect focal point in your garden.

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