Acer negundo Flamingo



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A medium sized, round headed tree which is perfect to add a dash of colour to your garden in the spring time.

Acer negundo ‘Flamingo’ has variegated leaves that are various tones of green in colour, edged with silvery-cream to light pink margins. The light pink colour is most vibrant on the newly emerging leaves in spring. Over the summer the leaves change through various shades of greens and cream, before turning yellow in the autumn. Young stems are bright pink in colour, which mature to a smooth grey.

This tree is perfect for pruning back hard each spring, which will encourage a flush of vigorous young growth that will show of the colours more vibrantly than if it was left unpruned. It will suit most soil types, and once established will have a reasonable tolerance for drought. For best results it should be planted in a sunny to semi-shaded position that is sheltered from strong winds.

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