Atlantis Water Jar




Atlantis pots have a unique textured finish formed by salt and sand which creates the ‘Atlantis’ look. The pots range in colour from chalky whites to yellows, earthy greens to browns.  The range of pots is exclusively available to Caragh Nurseries

Atlantis pots give your garden a touch of the ancient world. Made new, Atlantis pots are designed to look as though they have been salvaged from the depths of history. Constructed from modern materials using contemporary techniques, they bring the aesthetics of ancient civilisations to your garden. Our range features a variety of jars, urns and planters, treated to be frost resistant and as durable as they appear to have been.

The pot comes is currently available in three sizes and two colourings

Large              H 88cm  D47cm                                                                                                                              Medium         H 69cm  D47cm                                                                                                                                  Small              H 49cm. D 44cm

Every Atlantis pot is unique, as they are carefully hand crafted. This means that colours and patterns will always vary significantly compared to the image on the website. Please keep this in mind when purchasing any Atlantis product.

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Large, Original Colour, Large, Verigris Colour, Medium, Original Colour, Small, Original Colour