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Camellia Japonica is a popular evergreen shrub with dark glossy green leaves and flowers that resemble large tea roses.

This compact, long-lived shrub has dark, glossy foliage with beautiful flower clusters in a wide range of colours in the winter and early spring, attracting pollinators and birds.

Although Japanese camellias are slow-growing, they are often used as an informal screen. There are thousands of varieties with various bloom times, sizes, and petal forms. Some varieties lend themselves to be trained as an espalier specimen to grow up against a wall or fence. The shrub has thick roots, but they are not invasive. The roots grow near the surface and do not threaten nearby homes or structures.

These shrubs have very specific soil requirements. A well-drained, nutrient-rich, moist, and ericaceous compost/ soil is a must for successfully growing Japanese camellia.  Dead head regularly to keep the blooms coming.

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