Chicken Chit Manure – 10kg bag Fully Organic


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We have been recommending chicken manure pellets for such a long time and now we have them available on the nursery to buy with your trees, plants and hedging.  Its completely organic and will make such a difference to your garden, your plants will thank you for it.

It’s organic, its sourced from Irish organic farms, its a slow release form of all the essential nutrients that your plants and trees need and it improves the condition of your soil too.


Key Benefits

  • Chicken Chit Manure Pellets serve as a slow-release source of essential nutrients that enhances the growth and quality of lawns, flowers, vegetables, fruit, shrubs and trees.

  • Enriches and conditions soil with organic nutrients and matter boosting soil fertility necessary to encourage healthy plant growth. 

  • High in nitrogen, the nutrient required for healthy green and leafy root growth.

  • Useful source of phosphorus  and potassium; 

  • Phosphorus releases slowly to promote root growth while potassium promotes flower and helps fruit and vegetables ripen.

  • Safe and easy to use.

Can be used to Fertilise soil from March to October.

Soil prep/ pre-planting: sprinkle the pellets evenly over the soil (approx. 2-6 handfuls per sq.m) then mix well. Plant/sow seeds and water accordingly.

During the growing season (Spring/Summer): sprinkle the pellets evenly over the soil and around any established plants. Work it into the soil gently by using a garden hand fork being mindful of any plant roots. Water accordingly.

Prepping soil for new plants: When arranging new beds and borders It is recommended that you sprinkle the pellets

7-10 days before sowing or planting new seeds. Mix well.

Application is recommended every 4-6 weeks all around the garden for optimal results.