Corten Steel Water Bowl


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Our Corten Steel Water Bowl is a new addition to sit alongside the Bocca Water feature that we have currently, the Water Bowl is made of 3mm Corten Steel and like all of our Corten Steel products, a very strong steel alloy. As soon as Corten Steel is exposed to the elements it will naturally weather and develop a protective layer of rust. This natural fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion. Characteristic of Corten Steel is the brown-orange rust colour and its longevity.

Our Corten Steel products are delivered in an un-rusted state and the weathering process takes a couple of months.

I love these water features in the garden either singularly or in a repetitive row of 3.

Size. 1200mm wide and 210mm high and weighing 33kg

Size 1000mm wide and 210mm high, weighs 23kg

Size 800mm wide and 210mm high weighs 16kg


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1000mm x 210mm, 1200mm x 210mm, 1500mm x 310mm, 800mm x 210mm