Elaeagnus ebbengei ‘Vivileg’ Parachute



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Elaeagnus ebb. ‘Vivileg’ is a compact evergreen shrub with leathery dark green leaves that have an irregular yellow margin and a silvery underside. Tiny creamy-white, highly fragrant flowers are produced in late autumn, which turn to purple-red berries in the spring. It makes for a fantastic option as a hedging plant in coastal areas, as it is able to withstand strong coastal, salty winds. It is also perfectly suitable for containers, and for planting as stand-alone shrubs in mixed borders.

These specimens have been clipped into parachute form, with multi-stems clears up to about 50cm, and a clipped, rounded head full of bright foliage which sits on top, giving the plant a ‘parachute-like’ appearance. These can be easily clipped to maintain its height and shape. They are relatively slow growing, so pruning just once a year should be sufficient.

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