Ficus carica / Fig Espaliered Tree




Ficus carica, better known as the common fig tree, is the tree species that produces the famous green, black or purple figs.

Ficus carica requires  well-drained soil.

Ficus carica is indifferent to soil type, but development is slower in poor and rocky soil.

A warm and sunny location is almost mandatory if you’re hoping for figs. Consider planting your trees near a wall, since the added protection will help your plants withstand the cold and help to ripen the fruit. Even without the fruit this tree is a beauty with wide open branches and large, lime green floppy leaves, it makes a beautiful specimen.

Exposure – full sun

Foliage – deciduous

Fruit formation – May to September.

Harvest – July to September

Planting, care and pruning will greatly help increase the quality of the fig harvest.

These ones have been espaliered with a 1metre trunk then 4 even branches either way straight across from the main trunk making it ideal for planting against a south facing wall or fence or across the garden in a row to create a row similar to vines


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