Ilex Crenata Bonsai




Also known as Japanese holly, or box-leaved holly, Ilex Crenata is a slow-growing, evergreen shrub or small tree, to 6m tall. Tiny, glossy, sometimes spiny and wavy-toothed leaves grow to approximately 3cm long and 2cm wide. Small white flowers are borne in summer and are followed by black fruits.

These stunning specimens are bonsai shaped topiary, and come in a variety of sizes, as shown in the dropdown menu above. – Do ask for photos of these individual specimens as each have their own shapes and characteristics

Ilex crenata bonsai 125-150cm
Ilex crenata bonsai 80-100cm tall with plenty of width

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100-120cm, 120-150cm, 300-350cm, 80-100cm