Juniper x media Mint Julep Bonsai



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Juniper Mint Julep is an evergreen conifer, spreading shrub which builds up in height with age. The foliage is a bright emerald green and is perfect to be used for cloud-pruned topiary or bonsai, as in this case.  As with all bonsai formed trees please do ask for images as each specimen has its own unique shape and characteristics.

It is very hardy and can grown in full sun to light shade. This is another very strong, fast developing plant for difficult conditions.

We have two bonsai sizes available – a compact multi-stemmed carpeting bonsai, supplied in a 55L pot that measures 60-80cm in height, but is wide spreading at 100-120cm in width; and a larger, more upright Bonsai supplied in a 180L pot, with a height of 125-150cm.

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