Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser




Farmers and gardeners have been using seaweed for centuries to cultivate and protect their land and enhance the quality of the soil.

Betterplants liquid seaweed fertiliser is a very unique product.

We only use 100% Irish and Organic seaweed.

What makes our liquid seaweed so unique is how the liquid is extracted from the plant, this is done by a process called “cold extraction process” what this means is it requires no heat or chemicals to extract all the goodness found naturally within seaweed. This retains the bio-active molecules naturally found in the seaweed. The seaweed cell wall, when burst, allow the release of the main bioactive compounds into 100% soluble liquid extract. This contains all the natural compounds of the fresh seaweed beneficial to plants and grasses.

Most other liquid seaweed fertilisers on the market use heat and chemicals to extract the liquid, this can adversely affect and alter the natural composition of the seaweed and reduce its nutritional goodness which will affect the plants you are using it on.

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