Malus toringo ‘Brouwers Beauty’



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Malus toringo Brouwers Beauty, a variety of Japanese crab apple, is a small deciduous tree. With a semi-weeping habit and profusion of spring blossoms, this elegant fruiting tree is an excellent choice for a specimen tree, particularly in gardens where space is limited.

Completely covering the overarching branches, masses of white blossoms open from pink buds in mid-spring. The blooms give way to a good crop of tiny crab apples in the autumn, around 1 centimetre in size. During the flowering season, foliage is often overlooked, but the deeply serrated leaves are quite decorative in themselves. The dark green foliage gives the crown a light, delicate appearance, and turns to vivid yellow shades in the autumn, complementing the yellow and reddish berry-like, stalked fruit.

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