Philadelphus Lemoinei




Delicious, sweetly scented pure white flowers appear en masse in May, filling the garden with their fragrance. Philadelphus Lemoinei, also known as Mock Orange, has pale to mid green foliage, lighter in colour than most other cultivars. This is a more compact variety, ideal where space is limited and the larger types may grow just a little too big.

Plant these hardy shrubs anywhere where their prolific scent can be appreciated, close to a seating area or nearer the house if possible. They make good back of border plants and are ideal for for natural/wilder areas of the garden too. All Mock Orange varieties may be used as an informal flowering hedge or screen, with timely pruning or trimming straight after flowering the new growth will ensure a good show of flowers the following year.

Philadelphus shrubs are easy to grow, they are suitable for any soil type that doesn’t get waterlogged during wet spells and they do well in sun or partial shade.

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