Photinia serr. ‘Corallo’ Pom Pom



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Photinia serr. ‘Corallo’ is a compact form of Red Robin with evergreen, dark green foliage. Similar to other Red Robin varieties, ‘Corallo’ puts on a show-stopping display of bright red foliage with every flush of new growth that comes on throughout the growing season, starting as early as February/March if the weather is mild enough. In late spring, clusters of small creamy-white flowers appear which contrast beautifully amongst the vivid red foliage.

These specimens have been clipped into multi-stem forms shaped with multiple pompom heads. Red Robin takes pruning very well, so it is very easy to maintain the pompom shape with an annual pruning, or even multiple prunings throughout the growing season to keep the structure very defined and formal. The more it is pruned, the more flushes of red foliage can be admired.

The colour shows best in a full-sun position, but it will also tolerate dappled shade. However, the flowers mainly occur when it is in a full sun location.

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