Picea omorika ‘Karel’




An extremely compact form of Serbian Spruce, Picea omorika ‘Karel’ is a hardy evergreen conifer that is very slow-growing (only about 2-3 inches a year) forming a low, mounding habit. It has rich green needles that can provide interest and structure year-round, and would be particularly suited to mixed borders and rockeries, or other areas of low-level planting. Like most conifers, it will grow well in almost any soil type provided it is well-draining. It would prefer a sunny position.

The available specimen, pictured above, is at its almost full-mature size now, with a compact height of about 60cm, while having a reasonable spread of 125-150cm. It can be viewed in our Nursery Park along with many other conifer specimens, bonsais, multi-stems, and other mature trees. Should you require any photos, or need any further information on our stock, please give us a call or send us an email. We would be delighted to help!


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