Prunus avium Stella Espalier




A cultivar of the wild cherry Prunus Avium, Prunus Avium Stella is a heavy cropping black cherry tree, prized for its abundant, flavourful fruits. This small deciduous tree is self-fertile and considered to be low maintenance. Although it is primarily grown for its fruit, this cherry cultivar can be used as an ornamental tree as well.

The easily recognisable, white cherry blossoms unfold in the spring. The scented flowers are particularly appealing to insects which earned this cultivar the Perfect for Pollinators badge. The rich, high quality fruit follows early in the summer, dark crimson red when ripe. The Stella cherries are firm, large, and have a sweet flavour. Not unlike its close relatives, this deciduous fruit tree has oval shaped, toothed foliage that starts out dark green, turning to warm hues of orange, copper and red in the autumn.

This is a 5 tier Espaliered Prunus Stella.

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