Prunus laur. Caucasica / Laurel Caucasica




Laurel Caucasica is a more upright variety of evergreen Common or Cherry Laurel, with narrower and more elongated glossy deep green leaves. A more upright growing type of Laurel hedge is a good choice if space is limited and you don’t have room for some of the more spreading varieties.

Like all Laurel hedging varieties, Caucasica will produce attractive clusters of hawthorn scented white flowers in May, standing up from the foliage in upright ‘candles’, especially on untrimmed plants. Later in the season these will develop into red cherry like fruits that eventually mature to black and are very popular with birds.

Prunus Caucasica is easy to grow and quite fast at 30-60cm per year, making it one of the fastest growing types of Laurel. This is also a hardier plant than the usual Cherry Laurel making it better suited to more hostile sites.

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