Acacia dealbata / Mimosa Tree




The Acacia is a fast growing, small, evergreen tree, the classic Mimosa with the ferny leaves. Masses of fragrant yellow flowers in spring. Requires full sun and reasonably well drained soil. The flowers are yellow, fragrant and copious. They form in the autumn but don’t come out until early spring, so don’t prune after late summer if you want flowers the following spring. The tree can grow to 5m with a spread of 2-3 metres but can be kept pruned and does always grow into a better shape with an annual prune, without it can look a little slim and leggy.

Beautiful flowering tree in the right spot, scent reminiscent of an Italian Springtime.


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130L 16-18cm girth, Standard, 130L 18-20cm girth, Standard, 130L 20-25cm girth, Standard, 180L 25-30cm girth tree, 18L 200-250cm, 35L 10-12cm girth, 35L 8-10cm girth, 70L 14-16cm 300-350cm, 110L 12-14cm girth, 18-20cm girth, Standard, 18L 6-8cm girth, 55L 12-14cm girth, 55L 12-15cm girth