Juniper comm. ‘Horstmann’




Hortsmann Juniper is a strong weeping conifer which grows in a very unique, irregular shape if it is allowed to grow naturally. It produces long weeping limbs of blue-green foliage, which grow out at all angles in a very much spreading form. The pendulous branches initially grow in an upright form, but once top heavy they can arch back down, almost to ground level, and can create a stunning architectural focal point that would be different to anything else in the garden.

This specimen, as shown in the image, has a curved, almost S-shaped trunk, and stands at around 300-350cm tall. It has a fantastic spread of 2.5-3m. Certainly a piece for anyone looking for something ‘a bit different’, this could make a fantastic addition to any garden where it can be given room to continue to grow in its natural form.

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