Prunus Royal Burgundy / Red leafed Cherry



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An amazingly attractive tree with its contrast of deep wine foliage setting off the deep pink blousy flowers in the spring.  In autumn the leaves turn a very deep scarlet before they fall. Not a big tree but has medium spread making it an ideal specimen or feature tree.

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12-14cm girth, 3.5-4m tall, Rootballed, 12L Half Standard, 2m tall, 150L 25-30cm girth, 3.5-4m tall, 16-18cm girth, 3.5-4m tall, Rootballed, 20-25cm girth, 4-5m tall, Rootballed, 20L 6-8cm girth, 3.5-4m tall, 25-30cm girth, 4-5m tall, Rootballed, 45L 10-12cm girth 3-4metres, 45L 8-10cm girth 3metres, 70L 10-12cm girth, 3-3.5m tall, 70L 12-14cm girth, 3-3.5m tall, 70L 12-14cm girth, 3.5-4m tall