Taxus baccata / Yew Cones



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Yew works really well for shaping as it grows slowly and needs very little maintenance. Stately, formal but contemporary in its arrangement especially when planted in formation.

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120cm Rootballed Cone, 18L 30cm trunk, 18L 80-90cm Cones, 200-225cm, Rootballed Cones, 225-250cm, Rootballed Cones, 250-275cm, Rootballed Cones, 275-300cm Cone, 70L 125-150cm Cones, 70L 180-200cm Cone, 10L 60-70cm, 110L 200-225cm Cone, 15L 100-120cm, 15L 120-140cm, 180L 18-20cm, 2m Std with 1.8m Cone shaped Form, 45L 160-170cm, 80L 180-190cm