Cornus kousa



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This spectacular small garden tree produce a profusion of large white flower bracts in May and June (later than Cornus florida), that slowly adopt pinkish hues as they mature. The foliage of Cornus kousa var. chinensis is oval with a pointed tip and dark-green in colour, turning vivid orange and red in autumn when small, edible (but insipid) pink fruits are also produced.

Cornus kousa var. chinensis prefers to be planted in a sunny position avoiding poor or shallow soils. This small Flowering dogwood tree has an estimated height and spread of just 3-4 metres, but will not fail to impress in any garden.

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300-350cm Multistem, 35L 175-200cm, 70L 175-200cm Extra Bushy, 70L 250-300cm, 90L 300-350cm